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Andre’ Asks… I am selling my home and I’m a bit superstitious. My agent brought a contract to me today – Friday the 13th… I dont want to accept it – my wife says I’m nuts. What do you think?

Andre’, you are not alone. There are many buyers and sellers than will avoid having the number 13 associated with their transaction. Not only do they avoid the 13th day of the month, but studies show that properties with the … Continue reading


As the CFPB implements changes to the world of lending and real estate in 2014, ALMC Mortgage at NOVA HOME LOANS is ready to serve you!
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ALMC Mortgage team at NOVA Home Loans is professional, knowledgeable and committed to superior customer service. Knowledge of the industry and loan products combined with the skill to match those products to our clients needs is critical when it comes to ensuring a smooth transaction. ALMC is committed to using our expertise to assist you in obtaining the best possible home financing options available. Find The Right Loan For You


Cheryl worked extremely hard with us to get this loan to go through. We are 15 months out of the bankruptcy and several other mortgage companies wouldn't even speak with us. She worked with us through the entire process and got our loan approved. We were able to get a lower interest rate and we pulled out some money to replace and expand our deck Overall it was a great experience. - Brian C.

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